New Horizons in Rosacea Treatment

Craig Kraffert, MD

As discussed in my last post, rosacea is a condition with multiple contributory factors, many of which are still being discovered through scientific investigation. Medical understanding of the many facets of rosacea is growing incrementally clearer each year. Read More

Causes of Rosacea - Recent Scientific Discoveries Offer New Explanations

Craig Kraffert, MD

Rosacea is a common age-old skin disorder with multiple clinical variants and skin findings including acne-like pimples, exaggerated facial flushing and persistent redness along with enlarged blood vessels and (sometimes) oil glands. Environmental triggers such as sun, wind, spicy foods, alcohol, hot beverages and stress, among others, have been identified. While these triggers all lead to facial flushing, the exact causal mechanisms of rosacea remain only partly understood. Current treatment options are not always based on targeting identified causes and are not always entirely satisfying for patients. Read More