The Future Of Skin Care

Craig Kraffert, MD features Dr. Kraffert's quotes in an article titled “The Future of Skin Care.” This story discusses skin care topics and advancements that dermatologists expect to become more prevalent in 2015.  Dr. Kraffert's insight is featured in relation to SPF advances and how the days of thick, uncomfortable sunscreens may be over due to the new pending FDA requirements.

A direct quote is featured, sharing that "the FDA is under huge pressure to look at and make a decision on new ingredients,” he says. “Once they do, it will give us a ton more options. It may be that [it will be] easier to make more elegant sunscreen products — meaning people won’t mind using them, and they may work better.”

Refinery29 article 'The Future of Skin Care'
Refinery29 article 'The Future of Skin Care'
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