10 Commandments of Waxing

Craig Kraffert, MD

Allure.com features Dr. Kraffert in an article by Anne Bauso titled, “ 10 Commandments of Waxing ”.

Dr Kraffert's insights are featured in Commandment #3, “Know Your Retinoids” and Commandment #8, “Fend Off Ingrowns.”  In the piece, Dr. Kraffert says, “Retinoids can contribute to increased skin fragility" and stresses that if you do expose skin to both retinoids and waxing, use caution. He further advises patients to stop prescription retinoid treatments for one week before waxing.  Later in the piece, Dr. Kraffert suggests treating ingrowns with Tend Skin a solution containing acetylsalicylic acid (a.k.a. aspirin.)

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Allure Magazine - 10 commandments of waxing