The Ultimate Guide to Fighting Zits

Craig Kraffert, MD picked up the popular interview with Dr. Kraffert at Refinery29 about how to deal with acne. The article, found in their How To Deal With Acne section, is entitled, “The Ultimate Guide to Fighting Zits: Zap those pesky pimples, no matter where they pop up.” 

The story highlights Dr. Kraffert as the expert by saying, “Acne body placement has a lot to do with how you go about ridding yourself of it—for good. What's the solution? We talked to dermatologist Craig Kraffert, M.D., founder of Amarte, about zapping zits based on where they pop up. With these tips, you can launch a full-scale attack that will work instead of just trying 100 things that don't.” The article covers all of the same trouble areas on the body and features all of the same quotes from Dr. Kraffert as the original on Refinery29. 

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