Thinking about getting a new tattoo?

Tattoos certainly aren't for everyone and the subject of tattooing generally is complex and multi-faceted.  A look around town and a browse of television both suggest that tattoos remain popular. xoVain recently featured Dr. Kraffert’s tips in a story titled, “The Four Body Parts Where Tattoos Change the Least With Age.”  

In the piece, Dr. Kraffert was asked to weigh in on the body parts least affected by weight gain, weight loss, age, etc. and sustain a tattoo.  He suggested, “the Inner Forearms as they are not as affected by sun damage; the Upper Flanks of the Chest because they don’t see the effects of weight fluctuation; the Back of the Neck as hair can protect from the sun’s harmful rays; as well as the Center of the Lower Back, a sweet spot not subject to stretching during pregnancy or weight gain.”

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